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I have been involved in a variety of careers in my lifetime, and I can honestly say that real estate is one of my most interesting, challenging and rewarding career choices. Being the assistant to my Real Estate Agent husband in the very early 90’s started my love for the industry.
Do any of you remember the massive Real Estate MLS catalogues? Well I do!! In order to do a “professional” CMA, you had to manually search for, photocopy, cut and paste actives, pendings, and solds, then photocopy your effort again, to put together a professional looking presentation. And hasn’t the industry come a long way from that! As have my skills.
I can still do a mean job of “cut & paste”, but also a great job of computer management.
My love of the industry has grown over the past 21+ years I have been involved. Managing the 120+ Agents in my extremely busy office has been totally rewarding. And I have developed many skills that will ensure that your faith in our company will be well rewarded.