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Real Estate has been a passion of mine all my life. I love the thought of a new or ‘new to you’ house. I get excited about renovations and creating a space that is home. Throughout my career years I have worked in several different fields from my college training as a Rehabilitation Specialist working with
people with Physical and Mental Disabilities, to teaching in Special Education, running my own business as a Reiki Master and an Aromatherapist, to serving as a Disaster Services Specialist with the Red Cross.  
Interwoven through all this, I also found myself working in virtually every aspect of Real Estate. From Receptionist and Data Entry to Office Manager, Conveyancer, and Executive Assistant. I’ve had the opportunity to work in Real Estate offices ranging from 2 to 300 agents.

During these 30 plus years I love the changes I have seen in the industry, having gone from carbon copy handwritten and typed contracts to digital signing from anywhere in the world. While I am not a salesperson, I recognize the need to ensure that every stage of the client’s experience is considered and my role ensuring the ‘paperwork’ is complete is a critical component of that experience. My strengths and experience in this area allow Agents to focus on their clients, listing and selling more homes while knowing the backend details are taken care of.

The essence of Real Estate for me, is helping to make people’s dreams come true. I am excited in being a part of the YOU GET REAL Team and strive to diligently assist each agent that crosses my path.

Together, dreams come to fruition.

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